BECA 81 is a group students who graduated from Bengal Engineering College (IIEST) in the year 1981. There were 261 students in total.

When BECA81 started, nobody thought on any specific organization. Mostly thought we the graduates will meet together occasionally. That is our only goal.

In the year 2005, the first meeting was held to arrange our the 25th year graduation celebration. It happened in steel club of Triangular park of Kolkata in the Month May.

In this meeting an unofficial committee was made with some batchmates. A committee was finally formed with Biswarup Saha, Alok Roy Chowdhury, Tamal Bhattacharya, Milan Ganguly, Subrata Kapat and some others to celebrate our 25th anniversary of graduation.

At that time a bank account was created in the name Beca81 using Biswarup Saha’s PAN card and Milan Ganguly’s home address. It ran till 30th and 35th reunion celebration. Now the problem started as Bank wanted a specific PAN card for the organization. Biswarup Saha’s income tax account got entangled with BECA81’s account.

New account was created and then subsequently Registration of the organization is highly needed . The organization got the registration after submitting a basic rule book.

Old registration number became invalid after 2018. They were issuing a new electronic registration number. Debasish Banerjee and Nikhil Chatterjee got a new Registration number on behalf of BECA81. They did the job nicely at the Organization Registration office of Salt Lake after submitting necessary documents.

In the mean time some people requested to fill up some forms to become a member of 1981 batch. Some people did and some did not.

As a result an election was conducted to form a new committee. Some people got elected and presently they are the executive body members.

Our 40th Reunion was due in 2021 but abandoned due to Covid.