Submitted by Siddhartha Sen

We wanted to buy eight "ganjar  puria" to celebrate the Grand Feast. It was designated to Akash Midya to do the job.Akash walking up to a "mangshor dokan" and asking for "Ganjar puria." By the way this was on a Sen Hostel Grandfeast day. Coincindtally the mangshor dokan was next to the puria-r dokan, and he did not know the difference.

Submitted by Saumitra Sinha

One day we were all listening a cricket commentary in front of our college canteen. Suddenly we got a "pop" sound from the radio. Immediately Avijit Ghosh(Mosha)'s comment," Mathe keu botol khullo mone hochche?"

Submitted by Akash Midya

One day we were having a Khisti fight between Downing and 13. As usual Mosha bedom Bangla mal kheye hostel phirchilo. The situation had gotten so bad that the Princie was there threatening to rusticate us and send letters to bap ma. We were told to line up in front of the hostels. Mosha comes in thinking that this was the queue for mess dinner and blasts out "Kire ajke rooti mangsor lineta ato lomba kano?"

Submitted by Sujan Bhattacharya

I can not resist thinking the day, the great fight between hostel 13 and Downing; sometime right after joining the college in 1976, when couple of guys (including a few in 13 r char-tolaye) were on the brink of being kicked out of the school by the then principal, Durga Banerjee. I saw in my own eyes Chamri (Ranjan Banerjee, 81'ME and a resident of 402, two rooms after ours) fainting and befooling the revered Dr. Banerjee in  sleeping gown at night 10 O' Clock, on the 4th floor of Hostel 13.

Submitted by Gurprit Singh

Our Hostel Superintendent for (No 12 hostel )was one Mr Panchu and the name was funny enough. He had an adolescent son who would pass by the Hostel while going to School. When passing on a particular day, a boarder shouted “arre Oy…Panchur’ Chele "Kochu" Kothay Chal-lee? This infuriated him as well as Mr Panchu no end..


When we shifted to Hostel No 12, the list of boarders was available to all the senior guys and Sukantada (civil ’80) met us in the study for an introduction and wanted to know us all. When one boy’s turn came he told his name as Prasanta Dey when no one of that name existed. Sukanta said I have seen one name Rakha Hari Dey! Who is that fellow? Now RakhaHari Dey had this terrible name complex and so introduced himself as Prasanta Dey. Boys would love to tease him. He never lost his cool temperament, though.


Supratik was the first guy who stood wearing his birthday suit under a Shower at the Downing Hall which had no doors. When some boys told the Hostel Superintendent regarding the lack of doors, he told them “Are you boys or girls?”


Once Calli Kaku(Gautam Bhattacharyya ) came late to the first lecture by Dr Seal who was quite angry with latecomers.


Dr Seal ,What Happened?”

Calli,     “ Sorry, I am late Sir.

Dr Seal angrily,What happened?
Calli ,   “ My watch was closed” (His watch had stopped but his translation was shocking).

Dr Seal “Sitttttttt Down.

Submitted by Saumitra Sinha

Another story of  Calli Kaku(Gautam Bhattacharyya ).One day he came late to the first lecture of Dr Seal.


Dr Seal ,What Happened?”

Calli,     “ I am late because my parents went to take oath from their Guru (Baba Ma dikkha nite gechen).

Dr Seal angrily,What?

He repeated," Baba Ma dikka nite gechen."

Dr. Seal, "I have no clue. How do you explain your late arrival to this class with your parents' oath ceremony?"

Calli ,   “Sir, my younger sister was alone at home . I was taking care of her. This morning while I was coming, you know the treacherous 2nd rail gate.."

Dr Seal(angrily),Go to your seat.


Another story of  Calli Kaku(Gautam Bhattacharyya ). As usual he came  late to the first lecture of Dr Seal.


Dr Seal ,What Happened? Baba Ma abar dikkha nite gechen?

Calli,     “No Sir, this time I went to my uncle's wedding.

Dr Seal exploded into laughter,Hindu marriage in the middle of Poush (Bengali month), is it posssible?

Submitted by Biman Ghosh

This is a story of Downing Hall:
Subrata Kopat was singing at his full voice (sur na asur sei Bitarke jabo na). Gurprit was standing near-by. He asked Kopat "Subrata, why don't you sing in the Radio?" Kopat promptly responded "Bolchhis? Eto bhalo gaichi aajkal?" Gurprit said, "Well, I don't know but at least if I listen to you on Radio, I have the option of turning the radio off".

Submitted by Ranjit Ganguly

In the exam hall , our good old JALI ( Ajoy Chakraborty , 81EE ) used to sit by the side of KYALI (Subhasish Chakraborty , 81EE ) for copying and for constructive criticism that “Guru , eta eram noi orom habe ".  Kyali hoyto sunlo na, takhon - banchot (though Suyorer nati was favorite to him) chele bolchi eta erakam noi Pagla (Prof. P N Banerjee) bolechilo etc etc.)

Once, in such an occasion, during the exam on Control systems , Jali was copying from Kyali and simultaneously criticizing him.
At last getting fade up , Kyali got bored and told – “ Jali , tui nije ja paris kar , ami kichu janina.”
Jali then started to answer the paper independently !
After a few minutes Jali asked Kyali – “ Guru, equilateral triangle-er each angle kato kore hoy re ?”
Kyali replied– banchot etao janona , 60 degree each.

Our beloved Jali instantaneously asked – Guru , 60 degree to bujhlam , unit ta ki habe re, Centigrade na Farenheit?

Submitted by Biman Ghosh

Once Jali ( Ajoy Chakraborty , 81EE ) asked P N Banerjee," Sir, How did I get such a poor mark?"

PNB replied, " Please see your paper and look what you did."

Jali looked into the paper and noticed that Prof. Banerjee gave zero to a sum.

He agued," What happened Sir, I did it correctly."

PNB smiled and said," Did you see the sum where your calculated  sag in the electrical overhead connection is few thousand kilometers?"

"It should be few inches, still you deserve the full mark in this sum?"


Submitted by Sudip Mazumder (junior batch)


Ajoy Jali da amar next door neighbor chilo to Rich e. Control system er sup debe; ami , Gnat (Biswajit) aar Chhagal (Sankar Bannerjee) bose achii amar ghare ; Samir gnat Jali dar Sup(supplementary)  er support er jonno ready hochhe.

Hotat kore Jali dar abhirbahab - Hulusthulus;  ki bapar; Jali da jeneche je 'Thita' Dasgupta control system er ekta onko diyeche 'Sup' e jeta naki 'Pacha(Hip)  r' moto dekhte; Jali da kichu tei bujhte parche na 'Pachar' r moto ki onko hoi. Jokhon bola holo je ota control system er Nyquist plot;

Takhan obak hoye bollo, 'Pacha i sudhu?' 'Samner tao ache na ki?' ..

Biswa by definition santo type er borabori tabe bhalo square cut marto, dum kore bole boslo ; 'Nei - keno na tahole tomar pechone dukhto.' - Jali da poschat deshe haat buliye ghar theke prosthan.

Submitted by Ranjit Ganguly

Thik mone nei whether it was 46th 47th Re-union.But it's a fact.
Balku (Prabal Bhattacharya, 81EE) who could not manage a"volunteer badge" for the Re-union...was very sad.
Feeling for him, Kyali after completion of the- Re-union gifted a "volunteer badge" to Balku .
He became extremely happy and supervised the entire dismantling work of the Re-union pandal single-handedly!

Submitted by Gurprit Singh

Sometime while we were in 2nd year or so, we were playing another year for college football championship, the fairly tall Ajoy Jali, proposed to play as Right full back. Those were the days of total football and P.K. Banerjee used to popularize such terminologies.  No wonder, every body believed in specializing at all positions and one could find footballers in the Calcutta Maidan overlapping from goal line to opponent's goal line, however, ineffective that might have been. So we could see on B & W TV sets , Bidesh bose falling back, Dilip Palit & Chinmoy going upwards, Gautam sarkar scoring as well as  saving sure goals.
So, Ajoy said  "Ami kintu ektu Overlap Kore Khelbo...". He was tall and looked like Socrates of Brazil, generating confidence in our hearts; I thought he was a Chinese wall. But  he lacked the stamina of a Rivaldo or the speed of Maradona. So, during the match, finding empty space, he overlapped almost to the penalty box of the rival team. Just to his amazement and our (spectators') horror, he was just stranded there and a long through pass by the opponents in the vacuum created by him resulted in a easy  goal for the opponents.
A flurry of abuses followed.....I knew him  as Overlap Ajoy since then..