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Asoke Kumar Chakraborty Mechanical
Jayanta Kumar Chakraborty Mechanical
Pralay Chakraborty Mechanical
Sanjay Chakraborty Mechanical
Tapan Kumar Chakraborty Mechanical
Samir Kumar Chatterjee Mechanical
Tapas Chaudhuri Mechanical
Tridibesh Chaudhuri Mechanical
Amaresh Chowdhury Mechanical
Biman Das Mechanical
Gautam Das Mechanical
Utpal Kumar Das Gupta Mechanical
Samit Datta Mechanical
Tilakraj Datta Mechanical
Sukanta De Ray Mechanical
Amit Kumar Deb Mechanical
Samir Dey Mechanical
Ashok Kumar Dhar Mechanical
Gautam Ganguly Mechanical
Gautam Ghosal Mechanical
Amal Kumar Ghosh Mechanical
Arindam Ghosh Mechanical
Chandan Ghosh Mechanical
Debasish Ghosh Mechanical
Jadabendra Ghosh Mechanical
Manimoy Ghosh Mechanical
Sankarprosad Ghosh Mechanical
Subhas Chandra Ghosh Mechanical
Subhasankar Ghosh Mechanical
Atanu Ghosh Chaudhuri Mechanical

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