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Bhaskar DasGupta Electrical
Debasish Datta Electrical
Kanak Kumar Datta Electrical
Prodyot Kumar Datta Electrical
Debiprosad De Electrical
Ranjit Ganguly Electrical
Sushil Kumar Ghorui Electrical
Basab Kumar Ghosh Electrical
Somesh Ghosh Electrical
Tapan Kumar Ghosh Electrical
Partha Sarathi Guha Thakurata Electrical
Dipankar Guin Electrical
Jaydeep Gupta Electrical
Harekrishna Jana Electrical
Subrata Kumar Kapat Electrical
Mahfuzal Alam Kazi Electrical
Chiraranjan Kundu Electrical
Palash Kumar Kundu Electrical
Amit Maitra Electrical
Sujit Kumar Majumdar Electrical
Akash Kumar Midya Electrical
Ashes Kumar Mukherjee Electrical
Somnath Mukherjee Electrical
Subrata Mukherjee Electrical
Muralidharan Mungath Electrical
Somnath Pal Electrical
Bramhananda Pan Electrical
Rashbehari Pani Electrical
Tapas Kumar Panja Electrical
Amitava Ray Electrical

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